Welcome To New Horizon Bizz ltd

The business has been set up to provide a good range of business and management consultancy services to SME businesses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Company will begin providing services across England, then moving on to servicing other parts of the Kingdom.The Company wants to be known for a few major things which include; best customer service provider, well managed business, achieving a majority of customer retention, being ethical and responsible, being up to date with times, trends and technology and for achieving the most for itself and the economy in the shortest amount of time.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to deliver quality and value to its customers while empowering them to make the right decisions for their organisations that will lead to their continual growth and success. NEW HORIZON BIZZ LTD also views to build a successful and respectable brand name within the business and management consultancy industry within the next years.


Assisting the implementation process including procurement and delivery of relevant products and services, managing staff during change, arranging and/or delivering training to users and ensuring the smooth changeover process.

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Ensuring any problems along the way are minimised and resolved as soon as possible so as to minimise disruption to the business, its employees and its customers.

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  • Presenting solutions in the form of a report and audio-visual presentation to mangers and key decision makers, showing research findings, suggested solutions, the time, cost and resources that will be needed for the change and the benefits that the changes are likely to bring.Ensuring other functions a tied in well with the changes and the business is running smoothly as soon as possible. All services will be tailored to the requirements of the customer and budgets will be discussed in advance so as to provide suitable solutions within the financial range of the business.
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